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The Bulgarian association of the metallurgical industry was founded in 1991 as an association of employers in the metallurgical sector and the collateral production, activities and services.

The member companies work in the following areas:
  • Production of metals, rolled steel and articles
  • Refractory articles and subsidiary materials
  • Repair activities, sales, services, etc.

The property of capital of the members is 100 % privately owned .

The activity of BAMI is subjected to the adopted aims and is fulfilled on the basis of:
  • ОUnification and co-ordination of the interests of all members and represent them before the state, local and social organs and other national and international organizations, including those of the EU;
  • Organization of different events, independently or together with other national or European organizations;
  • Effective joint actions and representation of BAMI at national employers level by BIA – union of the Bulgarian business.
  • Cooperation with the International Iron and Steel Institute (IISI) ;
  • Membership and participation in the work of EUROFER and EUROMETAUX – the European employers organizations for ferrous and non-ferrous metals;

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